Nine Mile Burn

orange and grey original art

This is a contemporary orange painting with accents of grey, gold, black and red.

This is a stunning leap into the world of orange and a selection of complimentary tones. Subtle on one hand yet vibrant and intoxicating on the other.
250cm x 90cm (98″ x 35″)


orange abstract painting
large rectangular abstract painting on a wall
metallic gold paint on canvas

What is this?

Nine Mile Burn is a contemporary orange abstract painting featuring a selection of warm orange colours and carefully blended variations. It also features grey, silver, black, red and yellow coloured enamel paints.

It’s long in width so it will be perfect for a long wall where there maybe a sofa or a console table. Equally it may also find its home in a dining room thanks to its warm and peaceful nature. orange and gold painting

Techniques used

The vast majority of the paint was applied then manoeuvred using a selection of small rigid plastic scrapers; similar to those you might use for tile grouting. Using a hard edge allows me to be very precise with the amount of pressure I apply to any given paint application but also explicit control over its shape and form.

I tend to work in small areas at a time so I can concentrate on achieving the desired level of detailing as I move along. Typically these kind of full-coverage paintings will take around five sessions to complete (measuring a session as the point at which my knees give way or I can’t move on without letting some of the paint cure first).

Nine Mile Burn by Swarez

Why grey is so important

I am not a huge fan of the colour grey if I’m honest but its use in our modern world is profound. It’s everywhere, especially in contemporary interiors and architectural design.

From stainless steel to slate it’s literally everywhere. And to be honest that’s no bad thing because it has rapidly become the colour of choice to show off everything else around it. contemporary orange painting

And thats it’s real star quality for me as an artist. In this painting the use of a light stone grey has allowed me to really show off the spectacular featured colours in a way that I wasn’t expecting until I got it out of the paint pod and in to the light.

The additions of black also help to do the same. With careful placement and sensitivity to ratios and volumes grey can be the difference between success and failure.

Warm, and reassuring

If you are unsure about buying and living with a contemporary abstract painting then let me offer you some words of reassurance.

Look for something that makes you go ‘wow’ to start with. That little voice inside you is never wrong. Let yourself be led by colour to begin with. Look for something that connects you with your space (it will make it a lot easier to live with) then look for the warmth in it.

Warmth doesn’t have to be a colour  – it should be about how you feel inside. That’s a massive win if you can feel that.

Look for balance too; don’t let something heavy or poorly conceived make you feel uneasy as you walk past it. Let your mind wander across the whole of it and then walk away for five minutes and come back and look again. If you still feel excited then put it on your short list.

You’re welcome!

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