Come Fly With Me

spin art above sofa

This is a contemporary spin painting with multiple colours

A stunning colour and form combination using a brand new type of enamel paint.
130cm x 110cm (51″ x 43″)


raidial spin painting called Come Fly With Me
colourful spin painting
mutli colored paint strokes on canvas

Spin painting

I have written extensively on the art of using a rotating platform to create art with. So there’s no need to revisit all that here but if you’re keen to know more about my spin art and see the video of my awesome custom spin machine then you’ll find all the information you need in my guide to spin art and spin painting. red spun paint strokes

With Come Fly With Me I have used a brand new version of my faithful enamel paints. In fact, this is the first time I have used these new latex-based paints and they mark a significant milestone in my paint development.

So much so that I have developed these with a paint manufacturer directly and created something very special.

Colour choices

Well, I pretty much used most of them! I was so keen to see what each of the new colours looked like I think I opened the vast majority of the tins.

And if you look closely enough I’m sure you’ll see most major colour groups represented in there somewhere (with the exception of gold).

The last two colours to go on were red and cream and these two colours form the backbone of the focal point. I chose to offset that with some bright yellow to help balance up the overall feel of the painting.

Come Fly With Me by Swarez


Layering is critical in the composition of this kind of painting. In order to create a feeling of depth it is important to create the background layers first. These will be the ones that are furthest away from the centre.

They need to be thinned quite a lot to get them to reach the edges and I also have to increase the volume of paint applied. I have tried cheating by applying paint half way between the centre and the edge but this doesn’t work too well and you can see that from certain angles where light catches the textures.lose up of Come Fly With Me

Don’t worry though – I found that out to my peril on the very early spin paintings. This one has a crazy volume of paint applied (most of which gets thrown off by the way) and everything was spun from the very centre.

Getting a bang for your buck

I really do think that this has an insane amount of detail and is sure to keep your mind and brain occupied for a long time. The delicacy of the outer fronds is offset by the brutality of the red and yellow that dominates the middle of the painting.

It really is a melting pot of extremes when you begin to unravel it – even though, from the outset, it exists as a single seamless expression. Go look at the close-up shots and you’ll see what i mean.

I absolutely love it.

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