blue and gold abstract painting in dining room

A large rectangular abstract painting featuring gold, blue and black colours.

One one hand it’s rich and opulent and on the other it’s primal and dark. A stunning combination of extremes fused with some beautiful detailing.
200cm x 80cm (78″ x 31″)


gold and blue art on a wall
blue and gold abstract painting in a kitchen
blue and black abstract art

What have we here then?

This large rectangular abstract painting is an original artwork created with metallic gold paint. It also features a dense and glossy black fused with a carefully selected palette of complimentary blue colours. white gold and blue paint on canvas

I have split the painting into two distinct parts. I like to think of the dark areas being kept at bay by that beautiful gold – but choosing to keep a bit of tension with the way I have layered the paints so you’re never quite sure if one side is winning or not…

Details and textures

There’s no way I can show these in a photograph and, like all my paintings, the only way to fully appreciate them and the way that light bounces around them, is to see them for real.

However, I always do my best to show the more detailed side of things and in Trademark I have a lot of detail in what can outwardly appear to be a very minimal artwork. In an ironic twist this detaling has become a ‘trademark’ of mine (althought that wasn’t part fo the decison process in choosing a name!)

Carefully placed rivers and valleys meander and flow whilst other places get peppered with fragments of gold powder that’s been isolated from the paint.

Then there are the finer details that are almost hidden from view when you start to glance over the darker tones. But a quick scan reveals yet more delicate weaving of paint through what appears to be something very final and empty. In fact the black areas are full of life and energy and once again I’m choosing to show that even the apparent emptiness is full of really cool stuff if you care to stop and look.

I think there’s a deeper life lesson in there for all of us right?

Trademark original large art by Swarez

Placing and hanging the painting

If you are considering a large rectangular abstract painting then you’ll probably realise that the Trademark - an original abstract by Swarezspace it occupies will need to be the same too. So an ideal location would be behind a sofa or along a wall with a dining table, for example.

However, in terms of its size and shape you may also like to know that it works very well when hung in portrait orientation (see photo). So it can also be used, for instance, in a stairwell. And as it has a relatively easy-going nature and doesn’t need a PhD to work it out, is ideal for a passing space like a corridor or landing.

You’ll probably need a couple of spotlights too as Trademark is very light hungry painting.

So if your natural light source is not forthcoming then consider getting your electrician friend to pop in an extra light or two – I promise that the change is staggering and turns this in to something of pure drama and awe.

Living with black, blue and gold

It’s actually very easy. Don’t think that you need to fill your world with unicorns and rainbows because you don’t. That has its place of course and I love colour of all kinds but it’s not a standard by any means. blue and black abstract art

Your art purchases should be driven by your gut feeling and that’s a voice that is never wrong. Trademark is a mature and considered original painting with a charisma and personality that translates into a powerful yet measured restraint.

From all the recent visitors to my gallery this is the one painting that has got people reacting the most; often hearing comments like ‘Ooooh, I really like that but I don’t know why?’… how great is that!

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