Moon Safari

Moon Safari by Swarez

‘Moon Safari’
is a large rectangular abstract painting created with black, gold and silver paints

300cm x 130cm (118″ x 51″)


grey and black painting
very tall abstract art
grey and gold paint on cnavas

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Monochromes and things

This painting is born from a love of monochromatic tones. Working with black and white is a favourite of mine but add in a little silver, some gold and a bit of cream for warmth and you get a truly memorable series of expressive colours that just beg you to have some fun with them.

Scale is also important too which is why I decided to go large. I tend to be way more free and easy when I have a large expanse of canvas to work with. I could go ten times the of this if I had the space.

Organising layers

The backbone to the painting is the silver and it was the first series of paint movements I applied. This gives the whole painting a gorgeous metallic property that changes as light hits it from certain angles. It’s quite the surprise actually and something you don’t expect just looking at it from a static viewpoint.

It’s this backdrop that gives all the foreground layers their power and lustre. Here we feature all the other tones on offer – gold, cream, white and black. The latter was the last series of movements that I applied and it’s what gives the painting its gravity and shape. With light there is inevitably dark and we absolutely need them both – especially in a painting like this.

Moon Safari large abstract painting by Swarez

Get immersed!

There are truly magnificent tonal shifts going on here and the way light dances around the surface beggars belief. I can’t show that in a photograph but I assure you that when you see it in the flesh you’ll appreciate what I mean.

What you can also appreciate (when you stand in front of it) is its size. At nearly ten feet long this is no shrinking violet of a painting. That said, it doesn’t overpower at any point. What it does is immerse you. At some point you become part of it. Sounds weird doesn’t it? I know, it does. But you really do find yourself among the striations and forms as you really get in close with it.

Space required!

If you like it then you will need to consider the space it will need to occupy. You will need plenty of it. Now, it’s not a light hungry art work so you don’t need to have oodles of light for this to work. You just need space. That’s it.

Seeing this in your own home is a doddle – drop me a line using the form below and we’ll grab a date to bring it out to see you. Alternatively I can shoot you a 4K video just for you so you can see, at close quarters, how epic and beautiful this abstract painting really is.

details of Moon Safari by Swarez
black and gold art
details of Moon Safari by Swarez

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