Frozen Light

blue and white art above a sofa

‘Frozen Light’
is a bold, yet delicate, blue and black painting

200cm x 90cm (78″ x 35″)


details of blue and white paints on canvas
black and blue abstract art on a wall
close up details of Frozen Light by Swarez Art

Complicated simplicity

Frozen Light is a blue and black painting featuring a base layer of pure white. In fact, the white base is really quite the spectacle on its own as it has a myriad of small features and textures that stand as work of art regardless of what lies above it.

And what wonders they are too; a twisting, meandering series of blooms and blends that have formed the most amazing organic shapes. Sometimes the combination of simple colours fused with a complex technique can produce the most engaging and mysterious of results. It really is one of those paintings that needs to be seen with real eyes.

It has some truly epic forms and tonal variations that range from light to dark and every stage in between.

A great provenance

I’ve done a few artworks with this blue, white and black colour palette before but each time I commit paint to canvas I modify something. This could be as simple as adding a slight lean to one side of my platform or changing the viscosity of the paints; each time one variable gets altered I get something different and exciting.

Frozen Light is the natural genesis moment in a line of four previous artworks (roughly created about once a year). Go check out the previous iterations in this genre (When The North Wind Blows, Absolute Zero, Mistral Blue, Cirrus 12). So the panting is borne from a small group of niched artworks that are continually evolving. I like that it feels part of a family of work.

A swift glance through some of the detailed and close-up shots will give you an idea about how complicated this painting is when you get up close, even tough the colours are anything but. I like playing about with extremes in my work – I always believe that you can’t see light without the dark and vice versa. And so it is with competing opposites – one can only exist with the other.

Frozen Light art by Swarez
details of blue and white paints on canvas
blue and white art
close up details of Frozen Light by Swarez Art

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