Dawn Eclipse

bright coloured-abstract-minimal-contemporary-art-in-London-townhouse

‘Dawn Eclipse’
is a stunning take on creating an abstract watercolor. Brilliant!

170cm x 140cm (67″ x 55″)


coloured paints on canvas
Dawn Eclipse watercolour abstract large art in open space
watercolour paint effects

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A new direction

Dawn Eclipse is large abstract painting created with a wide selection of different coloured enamel paints. What marks this particular painting out in my eyes is the concept that lies behind it.

For a long time I wanted to adopt some of the principles of water colour painting and translate that into the kinds of abstracts that I do. This meant moving the paints into areas they would not normally be used. In fact, when you consider that the properties my enamels are so far removed from those of watercolors, it’s a miracle I got this far!

But persistence and practice are my two best friends and here we are. A truly gorgeous and uplifting new painting that marks the first in a series of Swarez water-colors (yet to be created) that will continue to evolve over the coming years.

Solid foundations

Doing something like this is not an easy task. Part of the success of using very thinned versions of my paints is to have a surface that is non-porous. The last thing I need is paint seeping through to the back – that’s bad news as it dries. So a couple of evenly applied base coat were applied to give me a surface impermeable to the rigors of my corrosive and wayward paints.

When that was cured to a suitable point I could begin mixing the paints. As I may have eluded to already I am using a very thinned down version of my paints. Solvent thinners are key here; they break down the paint into a very liquid form but also dilute the pigments so you I’m always operating at that ragged edge of colour versus ability. Too much and they wash away to nothing, too little and nothing moves.

Dawn Eclipse original large art by Swarez

The end result

I couldn’t be happier to be honest! The distribution of colour is perfect with no are being dominant over another. The detailing is sublime and the way that the paints have washed out then reformed is breathtaking. It’s always difficult to take it all in without being stood in front of it but I do hope the photos convey a little of that magic.

Any decent sized space is going to be brought to life  by this bright, charismatic leap into colour. It’s bold but never brash and it is light enough to carry and lift your mood whenever you walk past it.

The effects are magnificent, the colours are vibrant and deep and it’s going to make someone very happy for a long time to come… if you think that may be you get in touch today using the form below.

close up details of Dawn Eclipse by Swarez
blue sofa and large art
watercolour style paint on canvas

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