big silver painting in dining room

is a magnificent silver and gold painting with infinite details and textures

250cm x 130cm (98″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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copper and silver painting textures
big art above a sofa
side view of Galena art

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It’s big and it’s silver!

Galena is a large sized silver and gold abstract painting filled with intricate blends, rich textures and spectacular reflective qualities. It has a deep, rich tone to it and is a painting that continually reveals itself.

It’s abstract nature has a definitive structure; moving from left to right across the canvas, the main elements are contained in the centre. That doesn’t mean, however, that everything else plays a supporting role – the base layer of four different types of silver paint is a work of art in its own right, providing a plethora of tiny details and reflective twists.

Despite the size of Galena it’s a surprisingly restrained abstract in so much as it doesn’t use colours or shapes to grab your attention. Instead it’s more subtle than that, choosing to convey an air of quiet maturity and confidence that grows the longer you sit with it. Don’t get me wrong, it has a very commanding presence but it doesn’t feel the need to shout at you very time you walk past it.

Stand back, move in

One of the great things about my original paintings is the ability to enjoy them from all viewing distances. They all have different stories to tell no matter where you view them from. So as you walk into a room and see something for the first time that initial wave of stimulus moves quickly onto a more considered approach.

And it’s this dwell time that really separates a great painting from an average one. It’s a simple question: does it make you want to stand and stare or move on? That’s the only question really worth answering in my opinion. It’s one of the reason I pack in so much small detailing because I want to enthrall you with the intricacy and beauty of the paints I use but also give you the ‘wow’ factor from wherever you stand.

large silver and gold abstract painting

Colours and construction

The palette of silver, copper, gold, black and white will pretty much fit in with any interior colour scheme. The metallic nature of the paints plus the use of some metallic flakes, give a wonderful sparkle to the piece that helps it reflect light as you walk around it.

It was painted flat on the floor and then hand stretched around it’s frame a few weeks later. In fact you may also like to know that I painted it on one of my weekly Live ART Stream Broadcasts that we do every Wednesday at 7:30pm GMT. Here’s the next Live Stream if you’re curious about how I do what I do.

So, Galena is big and very silver. It has a myriad of tiny details, reflects and plays with light and is perfect for a large space where you want all the excitement of owning an abstract without all the song and dance that surrounds it.

close up of a painting
big silver painting above a gold sofa
side view of Galena art

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