black and white modern art

is a large black and white abstract art work, created using centrifugal forces

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


square shaped black and white painting
big black and white spin art
white black and grey paint on canvas

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Black and white

Duality is a large, square abstract painting created with just two primary colours – black and white. It was made from a flat sheet of canvas that was attached to my rotating platform and, through a series of high speed spins, was transformed into the incredible painting.

I haven’t used my spin table for a while (it takes a lot to set up) but the results of the sessions recently have been astonishing. In fact, I recorded the process of creation during my Christmas Special Live Stream. The link will auto skip to around the 23 minute mark in case you want to bypass the fun stuff at the beginning!

I am particularly taken aback by the way the paint has formed in the centre. A closer look reveals some fascinating effects and blends. Whisp like fronds and feathering and this theme continues throughout the whole painting.

What’s also interesting is the way that the black and white have formed some spectacular grey tones where they have merged together yet, in other places, they have kept their own individuality. This has effectively split the painting into two halves and created this ‘dual’ personality.

But what about the silver?

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that I put in a single line of silver paint (if you have watched the video link above) and this, of course, has a bearing on what happens when blacks and white touches it. For the most part it has sunk below the other two colours but there are some tiny shards of metallic flake peaking out here and there.

For me the very centre of the painting is where I see the silver at its brightest – a bit like looking towards the skies on a cold, cloudless night and looking at the Milky Way. In a lot of respects this does remind me of drifting among the stars. It’s nice when you can lose yourself in something like this.

Duality original art by Swarez
details of Duality by Swarez
large black and white abstract art
black and white blended paints