Expanding Horizons

large orange and yellow art on a wall

‘Expanding Horizons’
is a relaxed and sunny painting created with a palette of warm and soothing colours

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


horizontal lines of yellow paint
orange modern art
orange lines on a canvas

An unusual creation

This is a square modern art painting comprised of a series of predominantly orange and yellow lines of paint. Added to this are hints of magenta, gold, white and black.

I absolutely love doing these kind of paintings. Lines are very appealing to me; they span horizons, define boundaries and define spaces. Yet, with all the precision they possess they have a much softer side too. These are the things I like to explore in painting like Expanding Horizons.

I am fascinated by blending techniques and letting shapes emerge as paint gets applied on top of more paint and so on. This particular painting was created using my three axis pan/tilt/spin table and is a genius piece of kit. It allows me to turn a flat canvas across a horizontal and vertical axis as well as spinning it at the same time.

You can see the creation process in its entirety by watching the video of how it was made.

The force of gravity

Modern paintings such as this require thought and planning beforehand. As is the case with so many of my original artworks though, there is always an element of chance thrown in. This will always be the case where anything liquid is involved – especially considering the techniques I use. In this instance it is the use of gravity that is the wild card.

As you’ll see in the video link above, the paint takes on a very organic nature when it’s allowed to act under the effects of gravity. If you’re expecting straight lines, as you may think, you’ll be very surprised to know that that seldom happens. And each time i do this it changes again. That’s one of the great things about this series of techniques – it is always different and always evolving.

square orange modern art

Feeling the warmth of the sun

There seems to be an instant connection with sunlight when I look at this. Whether that’s a spectacular sunset or the view across a sandy bay, the essence of the sun is present.

So too is its warmth and approachability. The multiple horizon points act as anchors for your eyes to draw references to and that helps you make a connection with it.

The lines are also very balanced so that no amount of colour is ever too dominant in one place. That’s a neat trick as it means that, wherever you look and no matter how close, your view is greeted by multiple colours and blends at the same time.

Expanding Horizons by Swarez Art
square orange modern art painting on a wall
details of orange painting