Atomic Rush

red black and white abstract art

‘Atomic Rush’
is an original red, black and white abstract art painting

110cm x 110cm (43″ x 43″)


repeating loops of paint
medium size abstract painting in red black and white
details of red and silver paints

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A picture is worth a thousand words

What can I say about this red black and white abstract art painting that doesn’t already get said just by looking at it!

I’ve done a few like this over the years buy never attempted one of this size before. For me, working on a reduced size of canvas poses unique challenges – especially when faced with a technique that demands a much larger surface area to get the most from it.

But I was not to be deterred and this is the result! A blisteringly unapologetic abstract that is as demanding as it is beautiful.

Using the right colour combinations

Let me say that the combination of colours is an epic one to begin with. When I add silver into the mix it becomes even more special. The aim of that inclusion is to calm down the base layers so that the main movements can be shown off to their fullest.

And man, don’t they ever rise to the occasion! It’s almost as if they are dancing across the canvas like tribal warriors or galloping horses. Red fuses with white and black to create some wonderfully opposed colour variations and forms, yet this is all contained and kept under control and the rules I paint under are never broken.

Atomic-Rush original Swarez art


What I can’t show you in a photograph is the textures of the paint. They are pretty epic if I say so myself and help to bounce and absorb light in all manner of ways as you move around it. There are high and low points and matt and gloss points – all coming together in one giant, refreshing assault on the senses.

And because it’s not massive it will fit on almost any wall in almost any space.

That’s a near darn perfect as you can get in my book!

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