Death in Paradise

blue red and gold abstract painting

‘Death in Paradise’
is a spectacular square abstract painting with red, white, blue and gold paints

110cm x 110cm (43″ x 43″)


red blue and white painting
red white and blue small abstract art
gold blue and white abstract paint strokes

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What is this?

Death in Paradise is a square red, blue and white original abstract art work with hints of metallic gold and black to compliment the main colours.

Being a square you can hang it in any one of four orientations (8 if you hang it as a diamond). How cool is that? It was created using my trademark enamel paints and is hand stretched around a 44m frame after it was painted – meaning that the painting goes all the way around the edges.

There are many reasons to like this painting and I like it personally, a lot! For me it’s the subtle inclusion of red through the centre that creates the drama and intrigue


Far from something sinister, as the name may suggest, it reminds me of rose petals being dropped onto fresh snow. I don’t know why – it just does! Of course, it may conjure a completely different response for you and that’s exactly as it should be.

I also get feelings of the sea when I look at it too so it’s a real mixture of emotional responses and triggrs. The great thing about good abstracts is that they can provide you with multiple reference points and visual references. Or at least they should do in my opinion.

The combination of red, blue and white is a classic one for me and, being British, is also a patriotic one. To that end though I am challenged each time I use them to come up with concepts and ideas that take me away from these obvious influences. With Death In Paradise I am probably as far away from that as I have ever been!

It would be cruel not to mention the role of gold in the painting so let’s consider that for a moment. It is the bringer of warmth for me. It also reminds me of sand – especially as the tiny metallic flake almost looks like sand in certain light conditions. It’s gorgeous and I use it wherever I can!

Death-in-Paradise original art by Swarez

Enjoy this anywhere, anytime

Overall then this is a beautifully crafted, well behaved original  that carries multiple reference points and potential visual triggers. It’s got wonderful details, carries a number of different techniques and shimmers when the light hits it.

For you, it’s just enough to remind you that you have a pulse without smacking you in the face every time you walk past it.

You can hang it anywhere from a conservatory to a bedroom and know that you’ll always own something the challenges you yet let’s you enjoy a painting that has substance, depth and a great deal of thought behind it.

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