is a stunning blue and gold painting full of rich textures and iridescent shimmers

130cm x 130cm (51″ x 51″)


close up details of blue paints on canvas
details of Equinoxe by Swarez Art

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New materials

Equinoxe is a square abstract painting created with blue and gold paints. Added to this is a small selection of complimentary colours (mainly pink and fuchsia) that are then fused with stunning array of iridescent metallic powders.

In what is a departure for me in terms of style and composition, Equinoxe carries with it all the hallmarks of my originals. Same paint, same tools and same canvas. The changes come from the way i applied paint and the types of paint I used.

They are still enamels but I have been trialling a few different compounds recently which has resulted in some truly spectacular forms. At the level I am at with my chemistry knowledge I am now turning my attention to specific behaviours and doing my best to create another recipe that allows me to do more textural work.

Colours and details

If you have a look at some of the detailed photos you get a sense of how involved and intricate this painting really is. One one hand you have the explosive feel of a champagne cork popping or an erupting volcano yet, up close, it is a completely different story, with a thousand tiny paintings bursting out all over the canvas.

The details are astonishing, really they are. And this is what makes a painting so engaging – it’s ability to keep on revealing itself. The colours too, are equally magnificent. This artwork doesn’t necessarily scream out from the rooftops at first glance; instead, choosing to gather your curiosity with an ever increasing haste.

It carries its impact in ways other than impactful colours and that’s no bad thing. There’s a time and a place for rainbows and sunny days – just as there is for subtlety and elegance. Equinoxe definitely tick the latter box.

close up details of blue paints on canvas
details of Equinoxe by Swarez Art

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