multi coloured large painting on a white wall

is a strikingly beautiful, fluid artwork with a sensational colour palette

200cm x 150cm (78″ x 59″)


swirls of paint on canvas
large colourful art called Amplify
close up of an abstract painting

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Colour, colour. colour!

Amplify is a large, colourful abstract painting created with a wide variety of of different coloured enamel paints. The actual number of tins opened in the creation of Amplify wasn’t recorded but I am going to guess at around 25! There are some truly mesmerizing colour combinations and blends in this piece and you really have to study it to pick them all out.

There are many standout features to talk about but the main one for me is the movement. In a seemingly never-ending cascade of colour the paints move in sharp, angular positions followed by endless gentle meandering. It’s this mix of opposites that helps you see, and appreciate, all the complex and subtle points of the canvas.

Details to die for

Then there are the details. The almost endless supply of new things to look at is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve put in a few close up photos on the page but this is simply one of those artworks you have to stand in front of to get the full benefit from.

In fact, although my eyes can get ever closer to marvel at the almost microscopic levels of detail, the camera lens I have just gives up! It’s a these close angles that the painting takes on a new personality; one that feels privileged in many ways as it’s not something you get when you stand at a normal viewing distance. I like that, it’s as if you are getting a rare glimpse into the heart of the painting if you take the trouble to be very close to it.

Amplify large colourful art by Swarez

The bringer of light

So we know it’s colourful, large and full of epic small details. With that in mind you may think that it needs a giant open space full of white walls for it to be shown off in all its glory right? Well, surprisingly enough, that’s not true at all. In fact i have had this hanging in a corner of my gallery,(void of much light and space) and I can tell you it looks unbelievable!

So much so that it actually lifts the space and transforms it – even without any natural or artificial light. Sure, a direct light source on most artworks is always preferable but what this demonstrates is that, if you pick the right one, it will elevate and empower even the most unforgiving of spaces – and you don’t need acres of walls to do that.

But don’t take my word for it though – I’ll bring this painting out to see you for free if you live in the UK and you can see exactly what I mean for yourself. Drop me a line using the form below.

details of paints on canvas
big colourful art on a wall
details of Amplify by Swarez

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