Night Waves

gold and metallic purple abstract painting

‘Night Waves’
is a uniquely individual painting created with just four colours

150cm x 130cm (59″ x 51″)


detailed view of metallic purple paint
purple and gold art in a hallway
details of gold metallic paint

Minimal but complex

Night Waves is an minimal abstract art work minimal composed of a series of intersecting loops and twists. The two main colours are metallic purple and metallic gold. This combination is one of my absolute favourites!

From afar this may seem like quite a simple painting but, as I will explain, that couldn’t be further from the truth. And that all begins with the background which is a very subtle blend of black and royal purple with tiny hints of gold. You don’t notice it at first but then you begin to realise how involved the background is – the perfect showcase for what lies above.

Accents and shapes

It’s fair to say I am obsessed with circles. I have written about them before so no need to go on about them again here. Suffice to say that the way in which I can move paint with the movements of my body lies at the heart of my fascination with curves, loops, bends and arcs. In this piece you’ll see all kinds of variations of them – from the tiny to the thick and from the singular to the blended.

The way paint crosses with another is highly intriguing and always a topic for exploration. So to do that with a combination as rich and engaging as these two metallics (purple and gold) is a real pleasure – and I think that shows in the carefree and unbounding way in which I have applied them.

Then there are the details – you really have to get up close to see them but when you do it’s quite staggering to see what happens when metal flakes start to pepper the surface of the paint that surrounds them. You’ll see what I mean on the close up shots on this page.

purple and gold abstract art
close up of Night Waves by Swarez
minimal abstract with loops and twists
black enamel paint
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