Ghost In The Shell

black and white modern art on a brick interior wall

‘Ghost In The Shell’
is a captivating and detailed black and white modern art painting

250cm x 90m (98″ x 35″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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black and white abstract in a dining room space
details of black paint on canvas
modern art in a dining space

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The love of black and white

Ghost In The Shell is a large rectangular modern art painting created with a single black and white paint with accents of cream on the base layer.

There are so many things I love about this painting and the way in which it was created. Firstly, I have to say that my biggest challenges come from creating in just a couple of colours and none more so than just black and white.

These two extremes of darkness and light provide an endless fascination and make me constantly re-evaluate the relationships between them.

In addition to that you also must consider the way they mix and interact with each other and the limitless tonal combinations that allows. In this painting I have great pleasure in exploring some of those relationships.

Levels of detail

With a series of uniquely honed techniques, I have based the main focus of the painting into a single searing mass that reaches from corner to corner. This giant, unstoppable flow of paint is made up of the most eye-watering details you could possibly imagine.

I figured that if I was going to skimp on the colours that I should make up for it with the insane levels of detail that compose it. And make no mistake, you can spend hours looking at this. I know, I have pretty much done just that in the photography shoot alone!

I have limited space to upload photos on this page because I am always mindful of keeping the page load time sensible but if you get the opportunity to come and see it for real then please do so. I cannot convey how deep this painting feels as you sit in front of it.

The effects and textures get you as much as the swirls and rivers do. Then there is the shift between light and dark at every turn

Ghost In The Shell by Swarez Art

Living with the painting

At this point, after eulogizing the details and execution it is perhaps worth mentioning how this black and white painting feels overall, as a piece of modern art.

It’s big, let’s not suggest otherwise so you will need a big wall for it. I have shown it in several dining room spaces because it feels very much like a painting that would suit an environment like this. Anything open plan works too – especially where a neutral, sympathetic material choice has been used. You can see what brick looks like with it in the photo too – so the use of natural materials is one that will let this hang with great ease and comfort.

You’ll need to be a fan of the monochromatic colour palette for this to work for you. Its impact is not in colour but in form – and look how spectacular that came out! It’s an unapologetic leap into self-expression and one that tops off a contemporary space with ease and individuality.

details of black paint on canvas
long black and white abstract painting
details of black paint on canvas

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