Clouds of Wisdom

landscape large green and black art

‘Clouds of Wisdom’
is a rich, expressive painting with sumptuous, vibrant colours

170cm x 130cm (67″ x 51″)


close up details of Clouds of Wisdom by Swarez
green and gold abstract painting
splattered green paint on black canvas

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About this painting

Clouds of Wisdom is a gold and green abstract painting and is unique in so many ways. Not only is this a combination of colours I haven’t put together before but the technique for paint applying is one I haven’t used since my second ever painting (13 years ago). Add that to the actual look and feel of the piece (which is unlike anything I have done previously) and you have a recipe for a truly bespoke artwork – even among my other bespoke pieces, this has characteristics that are shared by no other.

It was actually created during my live stream broadcasts and stretched over 2 events. It began life with a black base coat then a series of gold and white applications took us to the end of the first live broadcast, then, during the second, the light teal and black was applied with the help of another helping of metallic gold.

The unusual technique

I used a compressor and an air line with a hand operated nozzle. This shoots out compressed air (which can be controlled by the pressure applied with the fingers) onto anything you point it at!

I had to learn as I went along as it had been a very long time since I attempted to use this piece of equipment. So by the time I got to the second live stream I had a pretty good working knowledge of how quickly the paint dries (spoiler: very!) and how far you can spread it for any given distance and finger pressure.

The first session consisted of moving paint as far as I could so that was thinned out quite a lot. During the second live stream though, the paint was thicker so that I had a little more working time with it. The black is the colour that really brings everything together for me. it has a grounding, earthy quality to it that links the front and back and it also reveals some incredible patterns and shapes as it meanders through the centre of the painting.

Clouds of Wisdom large art by Swarez

The result

All this effort and care and attention has given way to a finished painting that is unbelievably beautiful. Fragile in places and forceful in others. It’s clever use of green and gold colours makes it very easy to live with and almost any space is going to be transformed with it. From a long corridor or hallway to a communal living space – if you have room, it will work!

I think that part of the appeal is that it has a distinctive cloud-like feel to it. The lightness and finesse of the paint is always present and it feels uplifting and carefree at all times. Clouds make me feel like that and so does this painting.

paint looking like clouds
large art in a long hallway
pale green clouds of paint

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