Proteus gold and black painting by Swarez

is a large gold, black and white abstract painting full of rich movements and textures

180cm x 130cm (71″ x 51″)


black and gold cells of paint on canvas
large gold and black abstract art
close up of Alchemy details

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Gold, gold, gold!

Alchemy is a large gold and black abstract art work that was created using one of the most beautiful metallic gold paints I have ever used.

Of course, there two other colours we can’t ignore here (black and white), but it’s the gold that is the real star of the show.

The deep, rich lustre of it can be enjoyed and admired in all its glory in this new abstract painting and in some of the close up, detailed photos it’s clear to see why I am so enthralled by it.

Light bounces off it in the most captivating ways and even when it’s mixed an d blended into the black and white areas it never loses its magic. In fact, a few glances at the photos show you that it enhances everything it touches – perhaps I should have called it Midas??

Enjoying the details

Like so many of my original paintings, you can enjoy them from whatever distance you view them from. There is power and grace from ten feet away yet an enjoyment of a different kind when you’re ten inches away.

Tiny cells appear and disappear, seams of colour lead your eyes into all kinds of places and then you get hit with the sheer depth of the piece.

One of the remarkable things about this gold colour is its density. This is a quality that allows other, thinner paints to look as if they are suspended within it. Furthermore, if I play around with the density of all of the paints (in varying ratios), I can modify and change the behaviours of how paints mix and cure with each other.

The result of that is a series of truly mind-blowing effects. I sweated for a long time over this one; constant mixing and re-mixing of paint – working on small areas at a time to get a consistent finish.

Alchemy painting by Swarez Art

Living with it

Placing and hanging this painting shouldn’t be too difficult and for the majority of wall spaces and colour schemes, this is a breeze to live with.

The neutral colour palette suits all kinds of natural materials so, if it’s important for this to fit with all that hard work you’ve put in to creating the perfect space, you need not worry because this accentuates just about everything!

Wood, stone, metal, glass – have no worries about the impact of this painting; it’s a very easy thing to live with and is the perfect contemporary statement for almost any living space.

white and grey cells of paint
big black and gold painting behind a sofa
shimmering gold paint

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