Aurora’s Reflection

‘Auroras Reflection’
is a magnificent gold and silver painting with accents of copper, black and white

250cm x 130cm (98″ x 51″)


dining space with large art on a white wall
paint shapes made from paint
large gold abstract painting above a gold sofa
gold and silver paints on canvas

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Gold, gold and more gold!

Aurora’s Reflection is a large gold and silver art work created with a whole array of mediums from the gold and silver and of the spectrum. In fact it has some rather unique additions including actual diamond dust! The majority of the painting is created with my enamel paints (including the Queen’s Gold) and several types of metallic flake. I also used chrome and copper spray paints but not in a way you might expect…

I could spend the rest of the description talking about how this shines and radiates as soon as it gets any light, but that should really be an experience left for the real world when you can actually get yourself stood in front of it. The reflective qualities of all the metallic paints and pigments is really quite extraordinary. I have never done anything like this before and even I am astounded by the finish- which doesn’t happen often.

Light is everything

I have stood for what seems like an eternity in front of this painting and I am noticing so many details the longer I spend with it. The whole thing just sucks you in to this regal and opulent mass of gold and silver. The story is amplified though as soon as you introduce a light source to it. That’s when you really start to notice all the intricate nuances of the details.

One particular favourite of mine is the silver in the top left hand corner. It’s impossible to capture on camera (I’ve tried!) but it sparkles and shimmers like a diamond in the sun. And then you get all the metallic flakes popping in an out as you move around it. it is quite an experience!

Then there are the textures. Again, very tricky to photograph, but they are everywhere, even in the background layers where you may think there’s nothing happening. These blended sequences of gold tones undulate and meander and are filled with their own high and low points – even this on its own would make a great painting.

This, I assure you, is every bit as epic as I say it is. Come and take a look at the gallery for yourself…

large gold and silver art
details of gold and silver art
large silver and gold art above a blue sofa
silver metallic sparkle flakes

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