huge colourful art on a wall

is a huge new painting with stunning colours and incredible forms

200cm x 150cm (78″ x 59″)


lime green and yellow art close up
big art for sale UK
details of Chronologie art by Swarez

It’s all about the colour…

Chronologie is a large sized abstract painting created with around 16 different coloured enamel paints. It’s a real triumph of shape and form that blends strong, primary colour groups with subtle blended tones.

I painted it in quite and unusual way, choosing a LIVE stream broadcast to showcase a brand new technique. In fact, this was an attempt at painting by numbers on a large scale! To see what I mean, have a look at how this large abstract painting was created and see for yourself.

Through the chaos of the live event came something truly ground-breaking. I spent some considerable time after the vent, late at night, to turn it into a stunning work of art.

The perfect finish

The end result is something that pictures simply cannot convey. The finish is sublime – reflecting and absorbing light in all kinds of ways. Colours hit you from all points as your eye moves across the canvas. Then you get struck by the complexity and finesse of the blends between paints; each millimeter of space being occupied by a tonal shift, or detail, that defies belief.

There are features on this painting that exist nowhere else in any of my work to date so it is a remarkable artwork in so many ways. But to fully absorb the completeness of the painting you need to stand back and let it wash over you. It really is a profound experience. I think that whoever ends up owning this will always find something new to captivate and enthrall them as it’s a painting that is constantly revealing itself.

massive multi-color abstract art
close up of Chronologie by Swarez Art
big abstract painting above a blue sofa
pink and orange paint on canvas