Revolution Major


‘Revolution Major’
is a confident black and white art work, created from a very unusual technique

180cm x 80cm (71″ x 31″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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copper and silver paint swirls
details of Revolution Major by Swarez

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Great things from simple ideas

Revolution Major is a real triumph of a painting. It’s a black, white and copper themed piece that also features elements of metallic silver and gold. It has a great presence thanks to its large size and its shape means it can lend itself equally to behind a sofa or turned portrait to fill a feature wall.

It was created in a very unusual way during one of my infamous LIVE stream broadcasts. In fact, it was conceived under the principle of blotting – similar to that of the Rorschach test that became synonymous with psychological evaluations and emotional functioning.

I have essentially taken that principle of blotting and turned it into two artworks (Revolution Minor is the smaller version). You’ll be very pleased to know that I am simply interested in this as a blotting technique where I lay the canvas on top of another and pull them apart – at no point did I have any desire to form any opinion about my emotional state after I did it! I’m only in it for the art ;).

Watch here how this large back and white painting was created.

Details and finish

This is not only a very confident painting but also a very engaging and detailed one. As you can see from some of the images on the page, the details are breathtaking and provide a added layer of uniqueness to this piece that will keep you enthralled for a lifetime. And because of its classic colour combinations it will never age or lose its edge.

This is a triumphant leap into the unknown with a seldom used technique with a selection of unique materials. There’s nothing like this anywhere so being able to celebrate the fact that this exists nowhere else on the planet is cause for celebration. The dense, rich colours and tones are a real delight to take in. The paints are coerced and manipulated and then twisted and pressed into some truly magnificent forms.

There’s little doubt that, even among my unique abilities, this stands out as one of those never-to-be-repeated moments in time.


Textures and details

Then there are the textures. It’s impossible to show those with a camera, despite trying my hardest. It is the action of standing in front of it that reveals the true depth and range of the painting finishes. Even I am taken a aback and I painted it!

But it’s the colours that really take my breath away. We have already mentioned the orange but consider also the piercing lime green that is beautifully broken up by metallic gold.

Then there’s the deep aqua blue that brings the warmth of the oceans with it. And at every stage the painting is warm and organic. It’s exciting yet tranquil, fresh yet familiar. I love the way it ticks so many boxes at the same time.

amazing silver paint effects
gold paint details

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