Fire and Ice

big abstract painting on a wall

‘Fire and Ice’
is a sensational abstract full of contrasts, stunning colours and incredible forms

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


close up of large abstract painting
painting on a wall
close up of large abstract painting

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Why colour is so important

There’s a lot to like about this new abstract painting of mine called Fire and Ice. First off must surely be the colour choices. It’s a combination that explodes in some places and calms in others. It has vibrancy and depth but also a softer, more organic side to it.

Colour is such an important consideration in so many aspects of our lives and when it comes to adorning our walls with art I place it higher than all the others. The right selection can transform shapes and movements from the ordinary to the extraordinary; it can fuel emotive responses that literally take your breath away.

Colour dictates how involved you become and how you internalize that. it completes your journey and makes it uniquely your own. I have such a strong connection with all the colours I use that it allows me to make bold choices that work – and with Fire and Ice that principle is played out in the most spectacular way.

Creating and constructing

The birth of Fire and Ice began by using my tilt and spin platform – the only one of its kind in existence. It allows me to not only rotate the canvas I am working on but also tilt it on almost any angle – from vertical to horizontal and through 360°. It is this flexibility of movement that allows me to move the paint in all kinds of directions and with the help of gravity.

Maintaining control is the critical part here so the painting can never be left for long whilst paint is moving. I have to be in constant eye contact, even when I need to turn away and prepare the next colour.

The results are incredible though and so to is the texture of the aint in certain areas. The use of thinners in some parts creates a contrast to the thicker areas and so provides a wonderful change of surfaces when the light moves around it.

I also happened to create this painting during one of our live stream broadcasts so you can actually watch the whole creative process.

multi coloured abstract painting called Fire and Ice

Textures and details

Then there are the textures. It’s impossible to show those with a camera, despite trying my hardest. It is the action of standing in front of it that reveals the true depth and range of the painting finishes. Even I am taken a aback and I painted it!

But it’s the colours that really take my breath away. We have already mentioned the orange but consider also the piercing lime green that is beautifully broken up by metallic gold.

Then there’s the deep aqua blue that brings the warmth of the oceans with it. And at every stage the painting is warm and organic. It’s exciting yet tranquil, fresh yet familiar. I love the way it ticks so many boxes at the same time.

details of Fire and Ice painting
square original abstract painting
details of Fire and Ice painting

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