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This carbon fibre art work is all about colour. Two opposing shapes and some breathtaking tones – what’s not to like?
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Rocktopus art by Swarez
Rocktopus art by Swarez
blue green pigment
carbon fibre weave and blue pigment


Carbon fibre sheet, honeycomb board, casting resin, paint pigment, metallic flake

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20″x 20″ (505mm x 505mm)
Frame depth: 26mm

Shapes and shimmers

You can’t help but notice the two brightly coloured resin and pigment shapes that form the structure of this carbon fibre artwork. They’re delightfully eccentric but also full of life and energy. I adore the combination or orange and blue. Also worthy of note is that long line of purple that forms a shoreline against the weave of the carbon fibre. That’s the bit I really notice.

You can read about how these shapes are formed in some of the other carbon fibre pieces for sale and also on the page where I talk about the details surrounding the project.

I have also added a tiny iridescent metallic flake to the top resin layer. This gives the clear resin a slight sparkle and shimmer as it catches the light (and yes, I really would urge you to put this under a spotlight if you decide to buy it).

Textures and resins

There’s a gentle overlap of the orange shape as it sits slightly raised over the cool, larger shape. This was deliberate action as I wanted to lift the shapes out of the resin layers. In fact, I have kept the number of resin pours to two so that it allows the orange shape to slightly raise itself up until it’s almost lifting out of the resin.

It doesn’t poke out or anything but there is a gentle texture present where you can see it trying to break through the surface. This was achieved by limiting the amount of resin used on the second pour. The idea was to add a textural element to catch some of the light; something it does to great effect.

The fly in the ointment

Well, it’s not quite a fly but I do need to point out the few unknown bits of debris that found their way in to the left hand side. I have no idea what these particles are or how they got under the resin but they are there. To be fair, even if you do notice them, it doesn’t make any difference. But I know that some of you may pick this up so I need to make sure you know it’s there. There is also a tiny blob of resin on the frame that I can’t get off – just making you aware!

This artwork is shipped ready to hang. Worldwide shipping is available – costs are calculated at the checkout before you decide to buy. If you have any problems please drop me an email.

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