State of Independence
State of Independence by Swarez

‘State of Independence’

A stunning combination of colour, form and materials.


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resin and pigment
diamond dust
metallic paint pigment
purple and white art


20″x 20″
(500mm x 500mm)
Heat, UV and fade resistant
100% original


Pigment and resin
6mm Perspex base
Laser cut metal frame
Real diamond dust


Delivering to 42 countries
Certificate and valuation included

What’s going on here?

Trying new things is always a risk but an essential tool in any creative person’s toolbox. It paves the way for learning, experimenting and looking at ways to develop new ideas and new skills.

So for State of Independence I have created a shape in white and purple pigments, fused them with a casting resin to create the big arch you see and then laid that on to a black polycarbonate sheet and covered everything with resin.

Oh and there is real diamond in it too.

I’m sorry, did you say real diamond?

Yes I did! In fact it is certified diamond dust. It’s not cheap as you can imagine but I have been desperate to see what diamond dust looks like when sprinkled on to resin and left to cure.

And the result? Well, if I’m honest I was expecting more bling but I guess if I wanted that I’d be buying 20 carats of cut diamonds right? Dust is, well, dust at the end of the day. You can see it’s there but it doesn’t have the sparkle and pizzazz you’d expect it to have.

So you can see why experiments are necessary right? In any case though it’s a very pretty thing and it all gets topped off with a delicious background of black and grey metallic pigment that’s been swirled and mixed in to the background layer. And very nice that looks too!


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