‘‘Little Earth’’
Original artwork

9 layers of resin, three outstanding shapes and one very simple theme – earth. Add a frame into a frame and the result is something pretty special. This is the one carbon fibre art work with the most individual layers of poured resin. I didn’t start out with that intention though; some of the resin pours cured in odd ways and I wasn’t at all satisfied with the finish until layer number 9.

I was getting all kinds of problems (dimpling, striations, random bubbles etc) so I kept going until eventually I got a finish I was happy with. In fact, in the end I had to pour over the edge of the frame as I had run out of room to contain the resin.

But far from being a disaster what has actually happened is quite the opposite. When you go to touch it your finger stops where you expect it to carry on – it’s really unusual but the effect is incredible! I think I may start filling the frames if I ever do any more. It’s a seamless experience and one you don’t instantly expect because of how crystal clear the resin is.

The double frame

It is because of the ‘over-the-frame’ pours that I decided on a secondary outer frame to sit the whole thing into. I felt that there needed to be a natural stop point for the resin to end and the frame to begin. Added to this is the barrier that is created by a vulcanised rubber seal. Again this is a hand-finished integral part of the piece that adds a nice finishing touch.

The 3 shapes that form the artwork are made from pigments and resin and allowed to cure for two days before they are moved away from their Teflon mats. From here they get sanded, trimmed and polished.

A timely reminder

You may have guessed by the name that the earth is my inspiration behind the piece. Looking at this makes me feel quite small and also very humble. I am not an environmental campaigner but I do hope this place we call home will be cared for by future generations of our species because the current one seems hell bent on destroying it.

I imagine looking at the earth from the International Space Station and wonder what that must be like first hand? So whether you see the blue as seas and oceans, or the atmosphere, will be an entirely personal thing and so to will be the central circular form that represents the earth itself.

Carbon fibre sheet, honeycomb board, casting resin, paint pigment, metallic flake
21″x 21″ (510mm x 510mm)
Frame depth: 29mm Hand signed on the reverse
Ready to hang in any orientation
Complete with Authentication paperwork
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