No Gravity
art looks like and apple

‘No Gravity’

I’ve gone all Isaac Newton here (rather than a nod to the makers of the iPhone). A celebration of the great man and his discovery of gravity.
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side view of No Gravity
purple and yellow art on carbon fibre
Isaac Newton inspired art
resin cast pigments in art


Carbon fibre sheet, honeycomb board, casting resin, paint pigment, metallic flake

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20″x 20″ (505mm x 505mm)
Frame depth: 26mm

The apple connection

I am a lover of physics and a bit of a science geek if I’m honest. So there are always influences from this filtering in to my work. In this particular instance it’s the genius of Sir Isaac Newton that provides the inspiration. In particular his discovery of gravity and the famous tale of the apple falling from the tree.

That’s the symbolism at work here – not to be confused with Apple Inc., makers of the the iPhone and iMac. The real work was in deciding how the apple should look (bearing in mind I am an abstract artist). I think it’s got just enough to let you know what it is without it being too obvious.

How it was created

This is the only carbon fibre art work that has four individual components to it. Of note is the vertical rod that separates the two main structures. This was cast using resin and pigment and put into a mould to form the shape. Mould forming is used on one other artwork (Little Earth) but these are the only two that feature a single shape that isn’t entirely cast by hand.

The other three shapes are made up from liquid resin mixed with pigments. Each colour is made solely for each session as resin begins to cure as soon as it is mixed. So you have a short ‘pot life’ in many instances; meaning you have to get a move on before it starts to set. Each shape is formed on a flat, non-stick surface and left to cure for two days before removing, sanding, polishing and trimming. This is done before it ever gets laid out on to the carbon fibre sheet.

The finished effect

I deliberately set the leaf element into its own resin layer so it sits fractionally higher (closer to the surface) than the other elements. This makes the art work look 3D in certain lights it almost looks like it’s jumping out of the frame!

The depth of colour is extraordinary and the finish is magnificent. But you really need to have a spotlight on it to get the most from it – please consider that before buying – you need to light it.

This artwork is shipped ready to hang. Worldwide shipping is available – costs are calculated at the checkout before you decide to buy. If you have any problems please drop me an email.

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