Bristol Shore
Bristol Shore by Swarez

‘Bristol Shore’

A stunning carbon fibre based original artwork created with rare earth pigments and seven layers of poured resin.
Complete and ready to hang


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blue and gold pigment on carbon fibre
layers of poured resin on art
blue and gold shapes on carbon fibre


Carbon fibre sheet, honeycomb board, casting resin, paint pigment, metallic flake

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20″x 20″ (505mm x 505mm)
Frame depth: 26mm

The first success

As you’ll see, if you carry on reading, this original artwork pushed myself and Adrian to point of quitting (we certainly fell out on more than one occasion).

It stands out as being the very first complete carbon fibre artwork that featured all the processes we have created successfully.

The clear resin (there are seven individual layers) is just beautiful. The light refractive qualities are deep and rich and it has a series of coloured pigments that captivate and mesmerize you. Blue and gold need no introduction – they’re absolute classics.

Effects and finish

In certain lights you can see a very unusual 3D effect. This is present for two reasons. Firstly it’s because of the carbon fibre weave itself. When lit properly the textures of the weave shine as you move around it – amazing! But as if that wasn’t enough you get the added bonus of being able to see the smaller shape ‘float’ above the base.

Like all the shapes in each of these artworks they are all present in their own cast layers so, in fact, they are all technically ‘floating’ – each above the other. When you combine these effects together it can trick your eye into believing the painting is far deeper than it really is.

Colours and shapes

The shapes are a masterstroke of patience and persistence. Yes, I am proud of them and no, I don’t think that’s an egotistical boast. I believe that when something feels right then it’s right. These shapes were born out of many weeks of frustration at not being able to get resin to form and keep its shape.

We couldn’t get the pigment to stop clumping, we used too much or too little and we continually burnt holes in things. When you’re learning to do something that hasn’t been done before you can’t pick up a user manual to find an answer – it has to come from sheer determination and an unhealthy desire to keep going – no matter the cost.

Forgive the melodramatic prose but this was the breakthrough piece right here and it shows. This one took three months to perfect. Be aware that there are one or two tiny bits of debris floating around. You can barely notice them but I do because I made it. It has nothing to do with how it looks though (which is freakin’ awesome by the way!)

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