Riviera Paradise
orange and blue carbon fibre artwork

‘Riviera Paradise’

A vibrant and colourful carbon fibre artwork featuring two cast pigment shapes set inside five layers of resin.
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close up of Riviera Paradise
blue and gold paint pigments
orange and copper resin and pigment
gold pigment


Carbon fibre sheet, honeycomb board, casting resin, paint pigment, metallic flake

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20″x 20″ (505mm x 505mm)
Frame depth: 26mm

Coastal views

Riviera Paradise is a beautiful combination of colour and form. Its theme is entirely deliberate in that I am always thinking about living by the sea. I find any excuse to get to any part of the coast as often as I can.

The artwork is an abstraction though so whilst I may suggest the subject matter it’s perfectly reasonable for it to remind you of something entirely different – like a martian landscape (as one of my focus group told me yesterday!).

The two shapes overlap each other and the blue one is floating slightly above the orange/copper one. And whilst we’re talking about that what do you think of the tonal ranges in the big copper shape then? Isn’t it magnificent? Under a spotlight it’s ridiculous (that means good). Sparkles, shimmers and a thousand tiny beacons of light. It’s just the most beautiful thing.

Oceans and things

I think the combination of a cool ocean blue and the warmth and power of the burning orange/copper is an absolute winner. In fact, I chose to add a very small amount of the blue pigments to the burnt orange shape but you have to get really close in to see it.

And that’s one of the most entertaining things about all these carbon fibre artwork – the close-up appeal they have. If you end up buying one you won’t be disappointed. But please do consider adding a spotlight okay? You really do need one to bring out the best in them.

This piece has some rather interesting dimples too – they appeared in the resin as it cured. Instead of doing another pour however I decided to leave them because in actual fact it looks very cool as the light picks them up then makes them disappear again!

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