The 20ft long curved art commission is almost ready for installation

This latest mega-commission for a corporate client at Canary Wharf is massive on every level. Ground breaking construction, a huge single piece of canvas and all done on an 11° curved wall

This has been a ridiculous project right form the moment I said yes. Just the sheer size of it for a start is something has made me doubt whether I could paint anything that big let alone create and fabricate a system for bending round a curved wall.

But with the help of my colleague Adrian (whose problem solving and technical skills are without compare) we have come up with a solution that (at time of writing) I hope will work. The custom-fabricated base will consist of 5mm foam board in a series of layers. These will be attached in panels to a series of 15 alloy box section mounting brackets that will be fixed to the wall.

After the first layer has been attached a series of plastic spacers will be attached and onto this will go a second layer of board. This is the layer that will then get the canvas bonded to it. All sound simple but the tools and fixings required to get this far have seen the project run past the 500 hour mark between the two of us. This has also included the manufacturing of a scaled down version to make sure we could actually recreate the shape and allow it to maintain an 11° curve. Once this part of the test phase was complete I went about painting two canvases for the client.

Massive 20 ft long painting

Destination: London Docklands 09.09.15

Now all that remains is for the installation date of September 9th and 10th 2015 in Providence Tower at Canary Wharf in London. And to the best of my knowledge so far this is the largest single span curved canvas anywhere on the planet. I hope I can find that out for real one day. The internet suggests that we may well be attempting the biggest but we shall see.

The artwork is destined for the concierge area of Providence Tower – a joint development between Ballymore Properties and Balfour Beattie and is one of the Docklands most desirable postcodes.


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