Scrumpty sculpture hits the docks in Gloucester

My all-new Scrumpty takes his position on plinth Number 7 for the Gloucester Sculpture Trail as part of the Rugby World Cup preparations 2015.

It’s been a very intense but very rewarding few months getting this 5ft tall fiberglass sculpture painted in readiness for the sculpture trail that has been launched to celebrate Gloucester’s heritage and the hosting four games for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

He has been painted using my trusted enamel paints and, being an abstract, is not meant to look like anything but instead be a celebration of colour and shape. The idea behind it was to incorporate all the colours from the participating teams in this year’s Rugby World Cup tournament. With inspiration from major global teams it was easy to come up with the name ‘Colour The World’.

After considerable amounts of paint were applied using a custom fabricated, battery powered spit-roast he was finished off with two coats of UV resistant lacquer.

Children gathered round the Swarez Scrumpty sculpture

Pride of place at the Dockside

The sponsor of my Scrumpty are Dr.Fosters Liquor Co – a bustling bar and eatery located on the dockside. Proprietors Dawn and Andy Melvin are big fans of my abstract style of painting so you can imagine how they felt when I asked them to come and watch me paint during the creation of it. Seeing the processes involved was a real eye opener for them; now that he is complete and has his place outside the pub it’s a purposeful reminder of the day that Dawn and Andy came to the studio.

Great to see so many people at the launch site including the Lord and Lady Mayor and representatives from Marketing Gloucester along with the press.

You may also see in the photos that I have painted a smaller Scrumpty too. This is destined to be auctioned off to raise money for the Holly Gazzard Trust.


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