Decorating a large wall can be a challenge. While small art pieces can work in some instances, big walls need big paintings to create an impact in the room. In this article, I will explore why big walls need big paintings, and the benefits of choosing abstract art (and of course why you should buy one of mine or commission me!).

Creating an Aspirational Atmosphere

One of the key benefits of choosing big paintings for big walls is that they can create an aspirational atmosphere in your space. Large paintings can have a transformative effect on a room, setting the tone for the rest of the décor.

Invariably though, it’s usually a consideration at the end of a redecorating process. So, the placing and choosing of a large painting can be quite involved, especially if you also want it to fit in with everything else.

The majesty of a big expanse of painted canvas can make a space feel more sophisticated, refined, and elegant. In open-plan areas, a large painting can help define different zones and add a sense of structure to your space.


The Power of Abstract Art

When it comes to choosing the right style of painting, abstract art is an excellent option for big walls. Abstract art is known for its expressive qualities and allows the viewer to interpret the painting in their own way. This can create a dynamic atmosphere in the room and engage the viewer in a way that representational art may not. Abstract art is also often characterized by bold colors, which can add vibrancy and energy to a room.

If you plan to feature a particular color scheme then an abstract is perfect.

The Importance of Color

Color is another important consideration when choosing a big painting for a big wall. A painting with bright colors can make a room feel more lively and cheerful, while darker colors can create a more moody and dramatic atmosphere. When selecting a painting, it’s important to consider the colors that already exist in the room and choose a piece that complements the existing décor.

The alternative (should you have a neutral palette of finishes0 is to go mad! Be led by the little voice inside – that’s usually a good place to begin.

very large black painting with gold and silver on a wall

Inspiration from Swarez Art

If you’re looking for inspiration when selecting a big painting then I would be a great starting point. I am known for my large, expressive abstract paintings that use color and texture to create a sense of movement and expression. My works can be a great fit for modern and contemporary spaces, and can help transform a room into a work of art in itself!

There’s always a selection of over 85 paintings at any point in time so this will let you browse through a multitude of styles and colour combinations to help you decide what which way you want to go. I also have a gallery of sold paintings where you can see a small selection of what people have hanging already.

very large painting in an open space


In conclusion, big walls need big paintings because they can transform a room and create an aspirational atmosphere. When selecting a painting, consider abstract art, color (and artists like me) to make a statement in your space.

With the right painting, a big wall can become the focal point of your home or office, and a source of inspiration for years to come. If you’re planning a renovation, consider investing in a large painting that can define your space and make it truly unique.


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