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inside Tate Modern turbine hall
blue and pink modern art
Swarez abstract artist painting photo
corporate office
black and white large art
banksy migrants in calais
Green and white art in a kitchen
blue gold art work in a modern living space
Yellow art in a kitchen
Piet Mondrian
New contemporary home in Cheltenham
black and white modern art in corporate boardroom
Red and white abstract painting in an office reception
Large painting in a boardroom
Swarez by his paintings
studio of art
Sweeping the back of a canvas painting

How to send a painting to another country

I am often asked how I manage to send my work outside the United Kingdom - especially when it's so large and bulky. Well, over the last few years and with much trial and error I have developed a system that allows me to do this with efficiency, accuracy and speed. A long wooden crate, a round plastic tube and a little bit of common sense go a long way.
Screwdriver covered in paint
rainbow art print

No, your 5-year-old could NOT paint that

It's fair to say that I have my share of critics. Barely a week goes by without some asshole criticizing my work. In every case this is borne out of ignorance, rudeness and jealousy. I have a number of stock replies that I send out in the vein attempt to correct the ill-educated and mis-informed.
SEO for artists
royal academy summer exhibition
art studio exterior sign swarez
stupid dumbass questions

How music influences my art

We all love music. Fact. It has ways of shaping our moods, relieving us of our worries and taking us to places that few other mediums can. For artists this is a very important thing as it directly affects what comes out of our hands and onto the canvas.
painting by CP The Artist

Why do I bother painting at all?

Somedays I just sit on my big red sofa and do nothing but look around or think about stuff. You know, the big things in life - why bother painting, where the next latte is coming from etc..
fluorescent painting
cans of enamel paints
jim clark in lotus cortina