Art in the kitchen – seriously?

You might be thinking “Art in the kitchen?” but bear with me and I’ll show you why the right piece of art can bring your kitchen to life.  When it comes to choosing art for the kitchen, visions of vintage art with traditional frames or paintings of vegetables might spring to mind. tall purple art in kitchen

It can be hard to wrap your head around hanging art in your kitchen when traditionally we tend to think of art hanging in more conventional locations like the living room or bedroom.

The kitchen tends to be the beating heart of every home. It might be where you knock back your morning caffeine hit, get the kids packed lunches sorted or entertain friends over a bottle (or two) of wine but when it comes to decorating, it deserves the same thoughtful consideration you give to every other space in your home, to create exactly the right mood you’re looking for.

Inspired living

Chosen carefully, art can set the mood and change the whole look and feel of a room.  Using colours to complement your existing kitchen design can create exactly the space you want for whatever it is you want to do in your kitchen.

Whether it is a place that the family comes together or a somewhere you choose to unwind with your significant other or on your own, the right art can provide the right atmosphere.  It can even inspirate your culinary creations!

Now we’ve persuaded you that Art really does have a place in the kitchen and you’ve promised not to hang old school prints of carrots and artichokes, let’s talk about how to do it right.

Where to hang it Yellow art in a kitchen

This will largely depend on the size of your kitchen, but try to hang art in a place where it won’t get damaged by water or heat. As long as your art is out of reach of the sink or hob you can get creative.

Remember it doesn’t only need to hang on walls, framed art can look great propped up on shelves on a counter or in alcoves. If you have large open wall spaces you’re spoilt for choice. When being commissioned for a piece of art I always visit the site and will happily advise clients on the right size and location for their space and even what colours would work well

Do your research

If your kitchen is fairly neutral in its tones then you can afford to be bold with the colours you choose.  You don’t need paintings of fruit or chilli peppers to give your kitchen an exciting food vibe. If you’re stuck for inspiration use it as an excuse to visit some of your favourite restaurants and see what they have hanging on their walls – call it research!

If you rent your home, art is a great way to inject your own personality into every room without making major changes and you get to take it with you when you leave!

Lastly…….don’t forget to protect your artwork

Red and black painting by a kitchen tableWhen buying a piece of work with the kitchen in mind, consider some of the practicalities. Be careful not to hang work above a hob, radiator, toaster or kettle — or any device which emits heat, or steam, if it’s not protected by glass. Having said that, all my paintings are heat resistant but I can’t vouch for anyone elses!

If you are concerned when considering the placement of an artwork, speak to the artist.  I use a very unique set of materials to create my pieces and will give you very specific advice on how to protect your art so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

If you would like help or advice on choosing art for any area of your home or work please get in touch to arrange a chat or visit my art gallery and studio in person.

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