The one reason why you’re struggling to be successful

I get asked this question all the time: “I am a struggling artist, working two jobs, trying to make ends meet and not getting anywhere, what advice or tips can you give”?

My response is not meant to sound big-headed in any way;  you can see what I do here in my business by simply taking a wander round the gallery. I have some considerable insight into this as I have gone from a similar situation to where I am now. I have a reasonable idea of what it takes to do this professionally.

I am going to speak very candidly and some of the things I say might upset you or you might even think “you big headed idiot”; fine, that’s your opinion and I have no problem with that; you can always stop reading and navigate to another page!

I am going to speak truthfully and honestly (rather than make up anything to placate you) as I want to help you – but feel this brutal honesty is for the best.

Swarez successfully painting a canvas