I have been featuring guest artists across the site on occasions as a way of being able to promote those individuals who’s work spans genres and boundaries – often because of the sheer quality of their art. Charlton Palmer (aka CP The Artist) is no-exception to that constant. I became a fan of his unique style over a year ago partly down to a single piece that took my breath away (What Now? Feb 2010)

“CP the Artist” is a visual artist with an ever changing concept that is not restricted to any category of medium, type or style. He can be urban art, digital art, traditional, modern, commercial art, abstract, classical, etc. His forte is digital painting, graphic art, traditional oil and acrylic painting.

Constantly exploring new ways of capturing single creativity and art form. In the words of Vincent Van Gogh, “I am still far from being what I want to be. But with God’s help I shall succeed.” CP dares to have faith and confidence, thanks to his Creator.

Being a self taught artist all his life, art is in him. As he says “I want my art to portray the essence of life, love, tragedy, spirituality, self expression, hope and purpose. My appreciation and motivation for this artistry is part of my goal of having a long lasting relationship with you the viewer”

Well, looking at some examples of what he produces I don’t think there’s any doubt of that.