When The Sun Meets The Sky

when the sun meets the sky

‘When The Sun Meets the Sky’
is a large sized abstract painting with clean lines and bold colours

180cm x 160cm (71″ x 64″)


when the sun meets the sky painting
when the sun meets the sky art
art by swarez

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A song and a painting

I usually try to stay away from representing actual things in my paintings. If your brain finds a series of shapes that it can piece together to form a recognizable image then that’s great, and probably something it will do for a long time as there are always so many interpretations to be gleaned.

However, with ‘When The Sun Meets The Sky’ I have been a little deliberate in my planning. For I admit I was influenced by a song of the same name by guitar supremo Eric Johnson; taken from his album Venus Isle from 1996.

Mountians and things

It’s one of my most loved piece of music and one I listen to all the time. Inevitably I was bound to use it as a theme for an abstract painting at some point. Well, here we go. Here it is. And one of the most noticeable things you get is the intersections of colour that form the structure of the painting.

Now, in landscape orientation (which is how it was painted) it is very much like a mountain range and sunsets and things like that.

However you can hang this painting in any orientation. A quick turn 90° and it changes completely.

Pointing the bands of colour horizontally discards the whole sky and sun and mountain thing and presents your brain with the need to find some other kind of visual hook to rely on.

Details galore

And don’t just think this is a series of blended and interlocking lines of red, blue, silver, orange and gold. In fact, as the close up photos will reveal, this original artwork is jam-packed full of tiny detailing. As with most of my work the devil really is in the detail and this one is no exception.

There are some remarkable finishing touches to some of the line blends – applied mostly with hypodermic needles and syringes full of paint – so getting up close is required to get the most out of it.

I can see this adorning a grand entrance hall complete with some well placed spotlights. It’s going to add warmth, colour and gravity to any space that’s big enough to take it.

orange and blue lines painting
details of abstract lines
painting video
blue paint on canvas

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