purple painting with green and gold

is a confident and deceptively engaging artwork featuring lime green and purple colours

160cm x 120cm (63″ x 47″)


purple paint with green and white details
purple and green art above a grey sofa
details of Thunderbolt art by Swarez

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More than it appears

Thunderbolt is uniquely satisfying painting. Now, whether that’s the strength and depth of that stunning purple or the instant gratification from the huge central paint application, it still remains that this is a painting that is intoxicatingly elegant, supremely confident and with a subtlety that really does need to be explained.

In this painting it’s the colours that really make it what it is. The combination of lime green, purple and gold are as good as it gets. But that is only half the story as there are more subtle tones lurking as you move in closer towards it.

A closer inspection reveals a whisp of silver along one side that soon disappears into black. Then there is the tiniest suggestion of warmth coming from a hint of red in the centre – blink and you’ll miss it. Sublime!

Details are everything

One glance at the detailed photos and you can see exactly wat I mean about this painting being subtle. Tiny cells appear from nowhere to conjour up a feeling of excitement and anticipation. This a process I use with a very small amount of additives. It has the ability to split the paint molecules up and cause them to fragment into cells. Very neat!

Let’s now talk about the gold accents. It’s the normal gold I use and it has this amazing quality to reflect light in ways I have never seen with any other paint I have used over the years. It’s not used in great quantities but where it’s featured it looks unbelievable. And because I put it on before too much of the purple dried underneath so you get a really cool kind of morphing of the two where they meet.

Thunderbolt art by Swarez
purple paint with green and white details
Purple and lime green painting
details of Thunderbolt art by Swarez