Quicksilver - abstract art by Swarez

is a bold and beautifully detailed, mid-sized painting created with a red and sliver palette

130cm x 100cm (51″ x 39″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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red and white streaks of paint
silver and red abstract art on a wall
swirls of silver metallic paints

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Colours and things

Quicksilver is medium sized abstract full of deep, rich colours and spectacular forms. For me, one of the most instantly noticeable things about this painting is the use of silver.

This colour has some unique properties, and this version is one of the more engaging and soulful ones I use. It has a liquid metal quality that creates some truly mesmerizing shapes and forms. In some parts is light and shiny and in others its defiant and solid. Yet at every turn it’s fascinating and unexpected.

I’ve blended silver with a host of other colours too, so we can see that the red is the backbone of the whole painting onto which the others are placed. Purple, gold and a deep metallic blue all make an appearance but it’s the addition of white the not only brings everything together but also lifts the painting.

Contained exuberance

I’ve created a few paintings recently that feel like they’re about to leap off the canvas whereas, in fact, their construction is surprisingly detailed and planned. What I love about these kinds of artworks is the appearance of randomness, however, if you stand a little longer you soon realise that the painting is never unbalanced or dull and it’s never offensive.

I like to explore shapes and colours and do that every time I cut canvas or open a tin of paint. The ability to push forward is borne out of questioning what you do. I am forever plagued by the “What if” question and that inevitably leads me to paintings like this

red and silver abstract painting

Amazing details

The details are outrageous too. Some of the close-up photos will demonstrate what I mean. After 10 years of practice with paint development and technique refinement I can create some truly jaw-dropping forms with my materials. That’s especially true of Quicksilver; for a relatively small artwork it’s surprisingly detailed and captivating.

You can hang it in any one of four orientation so it’s perfect for almost any space. I would imagine a home office or study would be an ideal place – as would an entrance wall or somewhere with a dynamic window view.

blue and metallic silver paint on canvas
portrait small original red art
medium size abstract art with red and silver paints

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