Purple contemporary art

If you like your contemporary art to be vivid, bright and full of rich, opulent colour then Red Five might be just for you. Deep red and purple dominate this painting; broadly tempered by a complex melee of blue, white and silver accents that shoot through the centre – like a burst of intense energy.

For me this large painting is seductive and passionate as well as being an expression of confidence. I can’t think of a better way to let shapes and colours own a space.

If you’re new to my art then you’ll not have to search the site for long to understand that I am totally obsessed by colour. I like the way they mix and interact with each other and am happiest when I create combinations that are just made for each other.

Red and purple, for me, are as natural as day following night. Huge, outrageous sweeps of colour get wrestled back into line by the constant motion of white and silver that runs through the heart of this painting.

The surface of the canvas is very glossy and reflects light from all directions; almost like it’s covered in a sheet of glass. Picture number 6 shows this off beautifully. The paint is thick and dense whilst texture is complex and tactile. Shapes emerge then disappear. Can you tell how much I adore this painting?