An original contemporary purple abstract painting

Personally I think this is a painting you’ll either love or hate in an instant. Those bewilderingly complex shapes in the middle are offset by a rich blend of purple and green on opposing sides; then as you stand back you get this swell in your brain as you try to take it all in. Let it be what you want it to be.

I used a few new techniques to get the centre to look like it does. Some of the details are eye-wateringly beautiful and serene. In many ways this is in stark contract to the bustling melee of lively shapes that surround them.

It’s this balance between two extremes that fascinates me and carries over into a number of my paintings. The notion that we carry split behaviours is a complex and controversial one but certainly a topic that cannot be ignored. In some way or another aren’t we all like that? A little bit of ying and a little bit of yang?

I’ve hung this painting on white and off-white walls as well as a stone grey one and it looks  obscenely good. Oddly, it doesn’t overpower or dominate; partly due to the softness of the colour relevant to the craziness of the way the paint is applied. I just love this.

They Walk Amongst Us is an original purple abstract painting ; painted in enamel paints onto a flat piece of Belgian canvas then coated three times with primer. When dry he was stretched around a seasoned timber frame made from Dutch hardwoods (via sustainable forestry) with all staples on the reverse. The result is a hand-made piece of art that stretches all the way around the edges.