A medium-sized piece of black and white abstract art

I love the contrast between light and dark. Black and white abstract art is the most expressive in my opinion; final, powerful and enigmatic.

Black and white art can really strip down the excesses of any creative; two very simple elements to test the mind and ability of any artist. For me black is at its best when it’s used with other colours, but especially white. Black can turn almost any composition into something with gravitas, authority and purpose.

Chromatica is slightly more unusual in so much as it fuses black and white together rather than letting them sit alone at their extremes. I’ve used a basis of black and steel grey to underpin the base layers then carefully applied a selection of dragged whites over the top.

Keeping the balance

The blending of white adds space, light and air. Without that it becomes way to dark on foreboding. I wanted to have something with some power but not for it to become depressing or monotone. Balancing components is always critical for the success or failure of my work.

This is why I never load anything up to one side or create ares of focus – it stops you from appreciating the rest of the painting.

Although this particular painting has been sold there is always a section of other black and white paintings available to look through. In fact it’s the colour medium I enjoy working in the most to be honest. Chromatica is all that I love to paint: detailed, vibrant, contradictory and balanced. Just the right amount of tonal shade; not too much white and not too much black either.

Definitely one for the purists and individuals.