Pandora Sunrise

Pandora Sunrise round art by Swarez

‘Pandora Sunrise’
is a round original painting with featuring gold, purple and silver

121cm (48″ diameter)

£1250 (was £2500)

includes UK delivery

close-up details of purple and gold paints
round abstract art
close-up details of purple and gold paints

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Going round in circles

This is the second round painting I have done recently and I am really enjoying working with something that isn’t a rectangle or a square for change.

I had a few made for me in different sizes so, depending on when you are reading this, you can expect more to come soon (or they may already have been done!).

Pandora Sunrise is composed of a mainly purple and gold palette with hints and accents of white, black, silver and an interesting shade of mushroom grey.

Perseverance counts

I have gone through a number of techniques with this painting and it has proved to be something of a labour of love for me. It began with it being pressed against another canvas of the same size in a technique I refer to as ‘blotting’. It’s not actually a press-down-and-lift-off principle but it’s fairly close.

I gave that a few days to sort itself out but I became increasingly uneasy with how the organic nature of the paint had caused it to begin curing in ways I didn’t like, so I attacked it for a second time and brought out the spin table.

I then spent time rotating the canvas until I had a series of forms that I liked. And you can still see elements of what happened before poking out from a few strategic points.

circular purple and gold art

The finished piece

The end result has even taken me by surprise! I am thrilled with the layers and the textures let alone the colours and the radiating nature of the paint flows.

I can’t help buy get swept away in the wonder of being an astronaut when I look at this. Imagine what pioneers like Yuri Gagarin must have seen for the first time leaving earth’s orbit?

This just makes me feel like that when I look at it. So the name is perfectly fitting. Think of the sunrise bit as a new dawn or beginning; and of course, we all know what the last thing to come out of Pandora’s Box was don’t we?


So this is very much a celebration of hope and beginning. I certainly think that has been reflected in the nature of the painting’s creative journey. Oh and it looks amazing too!

details of round spin painting
48 inch round painted canvas
details of round spin painting

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