Ova Nova

large minimal white and blue painting above grey sofa

‘Ova Nova’
is a minimal modern art painting with a mesmerizing collection of blue and purple paint forms

160cm x 130cm (63″ x 51″)


blue and purple fluid painting on canvas
large blue and purple minimal art in open plan space
blue and purple fluid painting on canvas

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What is this all about?

Ova Nova is a large minimal modern art painting featuring blue and purple as its primary colours. Added to this are a dash of black and a hint of magenta. The main shapes and forms are applied to a pure white background layer.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this painting is its shape. I have taken care to contain all those wonderful shapes and forms into the centre of the canvas and let the painting move outwards as it sees fit.

The result is a clean, fresh and invigorating original art work that, for me, is all about new beginnings. modern art Ova Nova by Swarez Art

Interpreting the painting

I guess, as its name kind of suggests, it’s a bit like an egg in so much as it’s shape is ovum-like and this may very well lend itself to the feeling of birth and the creation of something new. So the ideals of regeneration and renewal may also come in to play somewhere.

These loose interpretations are further solidified by the way I have used a few carefully chosen arcs and semi circles to envelope the edges. I only did that in places where the paint got a bit jagged and wayward.

Yet it didn’t feel like I had to contain everything; the opposite side to the arcs and circles sees a break away form and a series of small droplets. For me this is the point part that keeps everything moving.

You kind of know it needs to be there but still wonder if it’s going to move away or stay still. I find that I like this bit of tension; it gives thing s an edge. It keeps you on your toes.

purple and blue modern art

Living with it

blue and purple fluid painting on canvasHanging this painting is a cinch. As long as you have a reasonable degree of open space then it will hang more or less anywhere – in either portrait or landscape.

Behind a sofa is great, in an entrance space also works well too. I’ve even put it on an alcove and it still looks amazing so it’s versatility makes it the perfect choice if minimalism and simple colours are your thing.

Fortunately though I also pack in a million tiny details so you can be assured that this is no one-trick-pony. It’s depth of colour, endless details and rich, soothing palette will keep on giving for a lifetime. It really is quite exceptional.

The metallic blue is a particular stand out moment for me. I simply can’t describe how beautiful this is in the right light conditions. I mean, see the photo in this paragraph. it’s just mind blowing… it has a lustre and fluidity that i just find intoxicating.

Please come and see it if you’re curious to learn more.

grey sofa with white and purple art hanging above it
blue and purple fluid painting on canvas
minimal blue and purple abstract painting

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