is a magnificent red, black and white abstract painting with large amounts of shimmering metallic gold

160cm x 140cm (63″ x 55″)


gold and white paint
red armchair and red abstract art painting above
Firefly large art by Swarez

Stunning contrasts

There are many influences in my work. In fact, the whole world is a constant source of input if you care to stop and look for long enough. I have an exceptionally long list of things that fascinate me – too long to go into here so let’s just surmise that I am never short of ideas or ways to interpret them.

So, with Firefly we have a deep, textured base of jet black; a dense yet reflective combination of tones and textures. Think of a dark night or the edge of space.

The finality of this is magnificently displaced with a truly mesmerizing combination of red, white and gold paints. And when I use these big describing words it is with good cause because it is simply breath-taking to stand in front of.

Colour combinations

I use this combination of colours with a reasonable degree of frequency in my work but I can’t think of an outcome as intense and engaging as this. It really is quite the special thing.

Look closer and you’ll find rivers of red and gold paint shimmering and glowing. Move on to discover tiny mountains and valleys of paint. There are an almost infinite number of details to be discovered here – each square inch being like a painting in its own right.

I talk about the use of gold a lot in my work and for good reason – this one is the most spectacular one I have ever used. Honestly, the refractive qualities of it defy belief and is really only something you can appreciate when you stand in front of it.

Firefly large art by Swarez

It’s about you

Firefly is a very uplifting painting. It’s movement is one of celebration and light, like some random collection of intelligence in a synchronous harmony. Always contained but also free of constraint. Think of it as a million tiny pulses of energy that bristle with life.

Perhaps they’re embers from an ancient fire or the centre of a new star – take your own reactions and own them. That’s the truly unique thing about abstract art. You own the way it makes you feel. How amazing is that?

It really is all about you. And it always will be.

That’s what I do. I make this personal, for you. That’s all I care about.

white cells of paint on canvas
large sized red and black modern art painting
red paint on canvas