Superstrings art by Swarez

is a contemporary (and refreshing) artwork created with a classic red, black and white palette.

170cm x 130cm (67″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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copper and red paint on black canvas
large black and red contemporary painting
big red and black art above a sofa

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About this painting

Superstrings is a modern, contemporary painting featuring a combination of red, black, white and metallic copper paints. at the heart of it lies a fiery and intense red colour – this was the very first paint that went onto the canvas and remains the focal point after everything else was applied. It’s composed of two main shapes that interlock each other – forming a kind of ovum.

The metallic copper is an absolute star – showing the rich, creamy textures and light refractive quality of this amazing paint. The interweaving nature of the paint strokes give way to some fabulous neural highways and networks as well as creating a high level of interest in all parts of the painting.

So it’s just a bunch of random circles then?

Nope! Not at all. Think of these paintings as a record of where I’ve been with paint; like a map, a moment in time and a permeant record of someone’s life at a precise point in history. But moreover, it’s also a collection of emotive responses – each being generated from the next until it’s complete.

The main red shape is the one that pleases me the most; it’s nurturing movement feels very maternal to me. In many ways it feels like everything is being cradled and shielded from harm. Was that the intention? Well, not exactly, although these loop and twist paintings do (by their very nature) feel whole, encompassing and contented.

That may seem at odds with the way the paint is formed but if you stop to consider what I’ve just touched upon for a moment you can begin to see what I mean. Sometimes we don’t have to make literal sense of what we see, but instead choose to experience it in terms of how we feel – especially when we have the opportunity to understand the context a little more.

Superstrings large red and black original art

Living with the painting

Okay, so now we’ve got more into how this makes you feel let’s look at how easy this is to live with. Well, from a pure aesthetical standpoint it’s a very bold and forthright painting. It doesn’t do subtle so it’s best placed where space is generous and you can move around it. Having said that, if space is tight then being hung near a natural light source will ease it onto the wall with no problem. They are two criteria i would start with and work from there.

Of course, the only real way to see if this will work is to drop me a line and let me bring it out to you so you can what It’s like in your own space. Fill in the form below – it’s that simple!

details of contemporary painting on canvas
black and red painting at the end of a hallway
Superstrings art by Swarez

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