blue contemporary painting

is a beautiful, bright painting with a wealth of rich tones and textures

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


blue paint shapes on a painting
blue and orange art on a wall
details of Luminosity by Swarez

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The blue/green connection

Luminosity is large square abstract painting created with a stunning selection of brightly coloured paints. The main concentration of colour is at the blue end of the spectrum which features a deep, French blue, aqua, turquoise and some other complimentary hues. Green is very much a player here with lime green accents running trough most parts of it.

The painting also features a splash of warmth in the shape of some yellow and orange. There isn’t a lot of it but it’s enough to offset the dominance of the blue and to give the whole piece a little more approachability.

Using special equipment

The painting was created on one of my most-loved pieces of equipment – my tilt/pan/spin machine. It’s a device that allows me to paint a large square of canvas and take it from a horizontal to a vertical tilt and do it through 360 degrees.

I can also rotate through those axis by the same full movement and across and tilted plane. It’s just the most brilliant thing and gives me an infinite range of possibilities for moving and forming paint.

The results of these tilt and rotate decisions is what you see here. And that great thing is that each time I apply paint then decide on a movement the results are different. I honestly believe that I could potentially use this piece of equipment in isolation and still have the most awesome selection of varied originals as I have now. That’s how versatile it is.

Luminosity original art by Swarez

The end result

What you get when all of these elements come together is a distinctively gorgeous painting with depth and texture and one that makes me think of forests and trees in particular. The artwork feels alive and full of movement and yet, feels safe and secure despite the rich colours that adorn it.

It’s a proud and enigmatic contemporary artwork that will bring light, colour and thoughtfulness to any space it hangs in.

turquoise and blue paint on canvas
large blue colored abstract painting
blue paint details

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