Lost in Rio

large colourful art above chairs

‘Lost in Rio’
is a stunning large abstract filled with bright, bold colours

200cm x 150cm (78″ x 59″)


details of abstract painting
Lost In Rio art by Swarez
details of paint on canvas

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Big, bold and bright!

Lost in Rio is a magnificent, colourful artwork that has a very big presence. Right from the start I had this idea of creating something with big, bold colours and a very carefree, party-like demeanor. It has a palette of colour that spans all the major points on the spectrum and is, quite literally, a carnival on canvas!

The concept was driven by the cold winter days that surround us and the need to brighten things up a little. So I graded out a base layer between black and white and then started mixing and applying paints to the point where those two colours met.

I then moved and pushed paint into the forms that you see (with the help of a little gravity here and there). The result of which is something that can only be described as joyous…

Pack in the details

Of particular note are the spirals and twists of colour that exist in some of the white areas towards the top. In places, I can only describe these forms as psychedelic candy canes! The method of achieving this is a bit haphazard so when things go right I get very excited – and rightly so. These stripey paint effects are crazy good and are a definite highlight for me.

But the party doesn’t end there; far from it. In fact, there is so much life and energy on the painting it’s tricky to know what to dive into next. Maybe we should talk about the details when you can get up a little closer.

I’ve popped a couple of photos on this page so you can have a look for yourself but I simply cannot capture the breathtaking array of finishes and effects that are contained in this painting, it’s something you have to experience for yourself in person. Cameras only go so far…

massive colourful abstract art

Living with it

Let’s not shy away from the simple fact that this is a big colourful art work and as such it will dominate any space it is hung in. The abstract nature of the forms are structured just enough to give you the suggestion of movement and joy but never too overpowering to wrestle you to the ground.

It has just the right balance of everything and will pretty much slot onto any interior scheme.

details of Lost in Rio by Swarez Art
big colorful art in a modern home
paint close ups