Kiss From a Rose

pink and black painting above sof

‘Kiss From a Rose’
is a beautiful new painting full of deep, rich colours and textures

130cm x 80cm (51″ x 31″)


details of pink paint flows on canvas
portrait painting with pink colours
details of pink paint flows on canvas

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More than it appears

Kiss From a Rose is a gorgeous new painting that features a complimentary palette of colours. At the heart of this is one is a pink colour called Pantone 231C (not a very glamorous title I admit!). It has top notes of raspberry and plum whilst having a deep lustre that creates a velvety feeling that you could almost dive in to!

This is the colour that drives everything else around it. But of course, it cannot exist by itself so, in order to show it off in all its glory, we need a supporting cast of colours to carry it along. The most noticeable one is black.

Now, far from it being all gloomy and dense, it’s actually a rich and indulgent mix that carries subtle hints of lilac and silver within it. The shapes and forms I have created suit the movement of the painting brilliantly and this really is a key part of the painting.

Bring the light

The painting is further complimented by a series of lighter tones that contrast the indulgence of the darker ones. As is so often the case, darkness can only really be appreciated with light so that theory is perfectly played out in this painting.

Not only does the lighter side blend seamlessly with everything that surrounds it but it also features hints of purple and silver as well as white, lilac and grey. It’s a real sensory treat in fact and one that demands closer attention. As does that little hint of warmth that radiates inside the pink area. Did you spot it? Just the merest hint of red – perfect!

pink and black art
lilac and grey abstract paint
pink and purple art above console table
black and pink colored paint

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