Blue Lightning

large modern painting in blue and orange

‘Blue Lightning’
is a stunning collection of colour and form with some unforgettable twists and turns

180cm x 130cm (71″ x 51″)


swirls of blue and silver paint
blue and orange art in large open space
paint cell details

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More than it appears

Blue Lightning is a bit special. It’s such a combination of different and opposing things that, on paper, shouldn’t work – but they do when put into practice. And boy, do they ever work!

First of all is that delicious blue background which is made up of two different metallic blue paints. The effect is subtle but it’s there – and brilliantly catches light as you walk around it. Then we come to the main layers and applications – that mesmerizing cacophony of orange, white, gold, pink, silver and black.

To be fair I can’t remember the layer order of what went on and when because the whole painting is recalled in a blur for me. This is what happens when I get completely immersed in something. I’ll refrain from using the word ‘zone’ but I’m sure you can appreciate what I mean here.

Telling the story

The painting really does come at you in waves. For me it feels like a dramatic sky full of lightning bolts and epic skies. The whole things seems to float, as if suspended, in a blue haze that you could almost reach out and walk in to.

The colours are incredible for sure but it’s the way they interact with each other that really engages me the most. Just when you think you’ve seen it all another twist and turn appears and takes you off in a completely unexpected direction.

At the edge you get the explosive curves and loops that emanate from all directions. These are slowly delineated into the storm of shapes that congregate to a giant crescendo in the centre. And then the whole thing explodes out again in a triumphant blast. I could stare at this for hour, I really could!

Blue Lightning abstract painting

Texture and detail

Like most of my original paintings, Blue Lightning is packed full of tiny details. Everywhere you look there’s something going on – no matter the distance you choose to view it from.

Then there are the paint textures themselves. From the relative uniformity of the background to the thick, lush silver swathes, the contrast in paint volumes creates some spectacular undulations and changes in light as you move around the canvas.

Blue and orange may be the main players here but the supporting cast of pink, silver and of course those incredible gold streaks of liquid lightning all pull together to create this stunning and bold original artwork.

details of Blue Lightning art
big blue art by a piano
details of blue and black paint

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