black white and gold drip style painting

is a bold and elegant painting featuring black, white and gold

170cm x 65cm (67″ x 26″)


black and white paint on canvas
Jackhammer art by Swarez
black and white paint on canvas

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A classic combination

Jackhammer is a medium sized abstract painting created with black, white, gold and copper paints. It was created flat on the floor and then hand-stretched around its frame after curing. Its size means it’s big enough to make an impact but not too big that it dominates the space it hangs in.

The combination of just a few simple colours like black, white and gold is one that has fascinated me since I first opened a tin of paint. I have always been interested in the extremes of light and dark and the relationship they have with each other. However, you don’t have to rely solely on that theme to get the maximum enjoyment from the artwork – there’s so much more to enjoy when these two powerful colours combine.

That’s when the fun begins as an infinite number of tonal variations play out in a wealth of stunning forms and movements. You can’t fail to be engaged as you get sucked in to all those rivers and flows and the fluid nature of the painting as your eyes wander around the canvas.

Features and highlights

There are so many! Take a glance at the close-up photos and you’ll see that the white spaces are far from monotone and regular. You can pick out tiny craters and textures. In places the white base layer is very think and in others it’s very thin – this plays wonderful tricks with light as it bounces shadows around endlessly.

Then there are the tiny cells that appear in the most unexpected places, often surrounded by waves of varying grey shades. Then there are the deep, black chasms that crash around without a care in the world. Add in some carefully placed copper and gold highlights and you end up with a painting that is constantly moving, always entertaining and will give as much as you want it to.

It won’t fight you to the ground as you walk past it and it won’t interrupt your daily life. But what will do is give your space a contemporary lift and feel that few other colour and technique combinations can.

black gold and white art
fluid paint in black and white
fluid paint in black and white

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