High Noon

‘High Noon’
is a magnificent original painting full of movement, colour and details

150cm x 75cm (59″ x 29″)


colourful art above a sofa

dragon in a painting
medium sized modern art on a blue wall
paint details of modern painting
details of High Noon painting by Swarez

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Beyond beautiful…

I am very excited about High Noon, a modern painting with a twist of bold, vibrant colours. One of the reasons for my excitement is the way in which the painting has developed its flows and rivers.

Normally, in most situations, there is an element of organic settling that I have no control over. This is usually after paint has been thinned quite a lot and left to find its own levels.

This can result in paint moving in all kinds of ways and directions and leading to shapes that form over the first 12 hours of the curing phase. After that, things stabilize and the paint doesn’t tend to move freely, so this phase, after the painting is complete, is often the most tense and critical.

It doesn’t affect every painting – only the ones whose paint is thin enough.

Unbelievable detail and finish

In this painting those organic flows have produced the most spectacular results – way beyond what I had anticipated or painted at the time. Sure, I got the main long structure in whilst I was in the paint pod and all the other ancillary colours and effects mapped out.

But that element of randomness played to my advantage overnight to give me the most welcome surprise the next morning.

And then the next thing to hit me was the astonishing level of detail that is contained within a relatively decent sized painting. The depth of detail is really quite extraordinary, and I am used to seeing this kind of thing on a daily basis.

It really is exceptional and I could easily see this giving a lifetime of new things to look at each time you walk past. This multi-coloured leap into paint is absolutely stunning and is pretty much going to fit anywhere.

multi coloured modern art painting
details of High Noon painting by Swarez
High Noon art by Swarez
paint details of modern painting

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